Department of Applied Mathematics and Сybersecurity

Faculty of Information and Applied Technologies

Department of Applied Mathematics and Сybersecurity

The purpose of activities of the department is professional training of individuals by the team of highly qualified research and teaching staff, namely training of intelligent, informed, innovative, self-identified, integrated into society person, who is a competent and competitive specialist in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, has fundamental knowledge in Mathematics and related areas, has got practical skills that provide an opportunity to long-term problems in the conditions of growing demand of the modern globalized society.

The main tasks of the department are:

    • providing qualitative educational services according to the educational standards;
    • formation of a high-quality staffing structure of the department;
    • ensuring the innovative development of the department;
    • preservation and development of scientific schools of the department;
    • development of student science;
    • organization of international cooperation of the department;
    • improving career guidance.

Acting Head of Department

Oleh Vietrov

Senior Lecturer